Dhaka Fiber Link Ltd.


Dhaka Fiber Link Ltd. Is strongly committed to guarantee you 99.99% Uptime.


Link Up Time

Dhaka Fiber link Ltd. Is strongly committed to guarantee you 99.99% Uptime. Dhaka Fiber is connected with 3 IIG, that is why it is practically impossible the main link remain down. The link failover takes places within seconds, so client’s can get uninterrupted service during the time of main link failure (Cable cut on Coz’s bazaar or other natural calamities). We also provide on demand backup link to customer end point.

Bandwidth Management

We are always committed to provide better service to our honorable client. To ensure Bandwidth we installed a Bandwidth Manger in our NOC which can give you 100% accurate Bandwidth. We also provide real time traffic graph for every customer, so that customers can monitor their bandwidth uses. If customer can provide cheap bandwidth manager (i.e. Mikrotik Device), we configure it without any charge.

 Customer Support

We monitoring every customer are a part of our responsibility. Our support systems are given bellow:

 Telephonic Solution:

Dhaka Fiber Link is 24 hours open for telephonic support. We will response instant & take action within 15 minutes after the problem Informed. Our expert Network Engineers constantly monitors clients to make their link always online.

Remote Support System:

Dhaka Fiber has implemented a new support system named “Remote Support” to anyone. With this Support System any one can get online support from anywhere of the world no matter he/she is related to Dhaka Fiber Link or not. With this system, when a user faces any type of software related problems, he just log on to Dhaka Fiber’s web site and run a small program. Within 10 seconds one of our experienced engineers can access the pc & can solve any software related problem specially mail related problems like add, remove mail account, installing software etc.

Presence of Technical Support:

If physical support required solving your Internet problem, our support personnel will attend in your office within 1 hour & solve your Internet, mail or any other related problem.

 Router & Server Monitor

Dhaka Fiber Link Ltd. will monitor and manage Router for 24×7, manage include configuration, change, physical check up, back up & up gradation.